Curriculum Vitae

Educational experience

September 2015 – present  
Research Master Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam location Science Park. Track: Cognitive Science.

       Research Project with the Crockett Lab on computational models of moral decision making.
Daily supervisor: Dr. Crockett, 2nd supervisor: Dr. Forstmann.

       Research Project with the Decision Neuroscience Lab on cooperative decision making. Daily supervisor: Dr. Sanfey

        Extracurricular activities: Journal Club at the University of Oxford, Journal Club in Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam, attending and presenting at various conferences (e.g., LSN NeuroN conference at Imperial College London, Emotions in the brain at St. Hilda’s college) and seminars (e.g., Algorithms among us: machine learning and society at the Oxford Martin School and seminars part of the Neurotheory forum).

2012 – 2015
Bachelor Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam location Science Park, FNWI.

        Research Project with the ADAPT Lab on alcohol approach bias modification. Daily supervisor: Dr. Boffo, 2nd supervisor: Dr. Wiers.

        Extracurricular courses: Full first year bachelor programme in philosophy, neurocognition and -economics, multilingualism, introduction to thermodynamics, ‘Are we our brains?’, EEG practicum with experiment on consumers choice, academic writing proficiency.

August 2014 – January 2015  
Exchange programme with the University of Costa Rica. Biodiversity of Costa Rica, Drug dependency, ‘(How) Do we animals think?’ and Ornithology.

        Research Project with the rehabilitation centre Costa Rica Recovery on inhibitory control and addiction. Daily supervisor: Mrs. Cravioto.

2006 – 2012                                                                             Athenaeum at Trinitas College location Han Fortmann in Heerhugowaard. Profile: nature and health, extra course in philosophy.

Language skills 

  • Italian, mother-tongue
  • Dutch, native language
  • English, advanced level
  • Spanish, advanced level
  • French, advanced level
  • German, basic level
  • Chinese, basic level

Professional experience

July 2016 – present
Research Internship, Donders Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

During my internship with the Decision Neuroscience Lab I am investigating how prior knowledge affects the decision to stay or leave a social collaboration. I aim to generalize model parameters to real life political decision making.
My activities primarily involve fMRI data processing, programming in Python and collaborating between different research labs.
Supervision: Prof. Alan Sanfey

January 2016 – June 2016
Research Internship, University of Oxford.

During my internship with the Crockett Lab I worked with a Python-based Hierarchical Drift-Diffusion Model to decompose the choice to allocate electric shocks to either the self or an anonymous stranger. In a second study, I investigated the relation between striatal dopamine levels and reinforcement learning.
My activities primarily involved programming with different Python and MATLAB-based toolboxes, statistical analysis with R, testing participants and critically contributing to the research designs and ideas during lab meetings.
Supervision: Dr. Crockett, Dr. Kappes, Dr. Forstmann and Dr. Clithero.

January – July 2015
Research Internship, University of Amsterdam.

During my internship with the ADAPT Lab I was involved in a project that measured alcohol approach biases with a mobile application. My personal primary research question involved inter-individual reward-based updates in drink specific approach tendencies. This internship included data analysis with SPSS, stimulus presentation with LOTUS, data recruitment, academic writing and the operationalization of new research ideas. Supervision: Dr. Boffo, MSc Boendermaker and Dr. Wiers.

August – October 2014
Internship at rehabilitation centre ‘Costa Rica Recovery’ in San José, Costa Rica.
This internship involved giving motivational interviews as part of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and doing research on executive functions in patients with substance dependence. Supervision: Mrs. P. Cravioto.

2009 – 2015
Part-time service contributor at Bakery ‘Kuin’ in Heerhugowaard.

2011 – 2013
Home care assistance for disabled person in Langedijk.

 Volunteer work

2015 – present
‘Cognito’ Social Committee board member at the University of Amsterdam. Involves the promotion and creation of events for the Brain and Cognitive Science students at the University of Amsterdam.

2014 – present
Political party ‘DWARS’ active member. Involves actively thinking about political issues and participating in debates and activities.

2012 – 2013
KookCie’ committee of Congo Study Union. Involved the promotion and creation of events for the life science department of the University of Amsterdam. Poster design with Lightroom.

2013 – 2014
Pixcie’ committee of DERM Student Union. Photo editing in Lightroom.

2011 – 2012
Volunteer caretaker at nursing home for elderly with Alzheimer’s disease ‘Buitenzorg’ in Langedijk.

Jury member of ‘Kunstbende’ Amsterdam, a fine art competition at Cobra Museum, Amstelveen.

Summer Schools

June 2016
Summer School on Computational Modeling and Cognitive Development. Poster presentation: “Automatic Blink Detector’ – convolutional neuronal networks for pattern recognition based on webcam recordings in Python. Amsterdam Brain and Cognition, University of Amsterdam.

June 2016
Model-Based Neuroscience Summer School, University of Amsterdam. Poster presentation: Hyperaltruism suppresses a priori harmful bias in a computational model of Moral Decision Making”. University of Amsterdam.

2016 – Erasmus+ Grant for student exchange with the University of Oxford




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