Research Projects

I study the neural and psychological underpinning of advice-taking. We all have some insight about what we (dis)like and about what defines us as an individual. However,  when we are placed in a (social) environment these preferences can suddenly change without us actually noticing it. We shape our environment as much as our environment shapes us. For example in treatment decisions, whether a clinician and patient can understand each other’s opinions will affect both the type of information that they exchange as well as how likely they are to consider each other’s viewpoints. In some cases, updating preferences when we are faced new evidence or opinions is beneficial; in others, excessive vulnerability to (the opinions of those in) our ever-changing environment can be overwhelming. I use computational and neural techniques to better understand how people process decision-information in well-controlled laboratory experiments. I hope that, by better understanding how and why people decide one way or another, we can start to support people in identifying and selecting what they genuinely want in important everyday situations too, such as in court or the clinic.


Curriculum vitae

Educational experience

September 2015 – present    

Research Master Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam location Science Park. Track: Cognitive Science.
     Research Project with the Crockett Lab on computational models of moral decision-making. Daily supervisor: Dr. Crockett.
     Research Project with the Decision Neuroscience Lab on cooperative decision-making. Daily supervisor: Prof. Sanfey

2012 – 2015                                                                 
Bachelor Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam location Science Park, FNWI.
     Research Project with the ADAPT Lab on alcohol approach bias modification. Daily supervisor: Dr. Boffo.

August 2014 – January 2015                                           
Exchange programme with the University of Costa Rica. Biodiversity of Costa Rica, Drug dependency, ‘(How) Do we animals think?’ and Ornithology.
     Research Project with the rehabilitation centre Costa Rica Recovery on inhibitory control and addiction. Daily supervisor: Mrs. Cravioto.

2006 – 2012                                                                            
Athenaeum at Trinitas College location Han Fortmann in Heerhugowaard. Course profile: nature and health, extra course in philosophy.

Computer skills

  • Python (packages: HDDM, Pylab, Numpy, PIL, CV2, Theano)
  • Matlab (packages: Fieldtrip, Cogent, Psychtoolbox)
  • R (JAGS, GGplot2)
  • LOTUS (stimulus presentation) and SPSS
  • Lightroom Photoshop

Professional experience

July 2016 – present                                                      
Research Internship, Donders Institute of Behavioral Sciences.
     During my internship with the Decision Neuroscience Lab I investigate how prior knowledge affects the decision to stay or leave a social collaboration with reinforcement learning models.

January 2016 – June 2016                                             
Research Internship, University of Oxford.
     During my internship with the Crockett Lab I worked with a Python-based Hierarchical Drift-Diffusion Model to decompose the choice to allocate electric shocks to either the self or an anonymous stranger.

January – July 2015                                                      
Research Internship, University of Amsterdam.
     During my internship with the ADAPT Lab I was involved in a project that measured alcohol approach biases with a mobile application. My personal primary research question involved inter-individual reward-based updates in  approach tendencies.

August – October 2014                                                  
Internship at rehabilitation centre ‘Costa Rica Recovery’ in San José, Costa Rica.
This internship involved giving motivational interviews as part of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and doing research on executive functions in patients with substance dependence.

Summer Schools

June 2016                                                                   
Summer School on Computational Modelling and Cognitive Development. Poster presentation: “Automatic Blink Detector – convolutional neuronal networks for pattern recognition based on webcam recordings in Python. Amsterdam Brain and Cognition, University of Amsterdam.

June 2016                                                                   
Model-Based Neuroscience Summer School, University of Amsterdam. Poster presentation: Hyperaltruism suppresses a priori harmful bias in a computational model of Moral Decision Making”. Amsterdam Brain and Cognition, University of Amsterdam.


2016 – Erasmus+ Grant for student exchange with the University of Oxford

2016 – Travel and Accommodation grant to attend the ‘Advocating for Science’ Workshop and Symposium at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (US).



My educational background is in neuroscience. During the internships of my current master’s program in Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam I try to combine techniques like computational modeling and imaging to investigate the decision processes that underlie social behavior.